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Recipe Rotation: 4 Easy Sourdough Recipes I Use Regularly

I am one of those millennial sourdough bakers who learned through a lot of trial and error and was hooked once I found success.

Now that it's summer I've been exploring other sourdough starter recipes than loaves and I'm here to share with you 4 easy sourdough recipes I have tested and loved! These recipes either use discard or fresh bubbly starter, so be sure to read through and find out what's needed beforehand.

freshly baked sourdough bagels

4 Easy Sourdough Recipes

1. Sourdough Bagels by Little Spoon Farm

  • These are fun to make and with a stand mixer doing most of the work I find these a very beginner friendly recipe! I like to double the batch when I make these.

2. Sourdough Tortillas by Alexandra's Kitchen

  • I'd make these daily if I had the time, honestly. The best part is they only need a minimum of 30 minutes to proof before heating up! The fastest sourdough recipe I've made and a family favorite.

3. Sourdough Focaccia by Alexandra's Kitchen

  • The easiest focaccia I've made and it only had one (optional) stretch and fold. Loved the consistency of the crispy crust to airy crumb (inside) on this one.

4. Sourdough English Muffins by Little Spoon Farm

  • I love that you don't need to bake anything with this recipe! You use a pan to "cook" them and a toaster to heat up when eating.

Do you also enjoy using your sourdough starter for recipes other than bread loaves? Send me your favorites either in a comment or DM me on Instagram!

For more daily content head to my Instagram @allaroundgoodness_

sourdough focaccia bread before baking

freshly made sourdough tortillas


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