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Easy Cantaloupe with Prosciutto Recipe

I made this delicious salty and sweet cantaloupe with prosciutto recipe the other day and had to share. It's one of those things you make that immediately elevates any meal just because it appears to have taken you some extra effort when in reality it can be a last minute appetizer you quickly put together!


1 package if Proscuitto

Fresh basil

Thinly sliced cantaloupe

Raw honey / honey


  1. Take one leaf of basil and place it on each piece of cantaloupe.

  2. While holding the leaf and melon together in one take your other hand and wrap the proscuitto around. TIP: leave your proscuitto out of the fridge for about 10 minutes before wrapping so it can have time to get soft as it's often stiff straight from the fridge.

  3. After plating drizzle honey over each piece.

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