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So long, newborn phase

Well, we made it past the newborn stage again. I remember the first time someone said, “oh she’s no longer a newborn”, when my daughter was past 3 months old, I felt a sense of sorrow. I didn’t realize the newborn stage would be over so fast and all the blissful hazy moments were now only in hindsight. Of course there was a sense of relief, because let’s be honest it was not all sunshine and rainbows…but it gave me a new outlook on this ever-so-precious stage.

Fast forward to child number two; I came into the newborn stage knowing how fast it would go. I savored the nights I was holding his warm little body against mine knowing I was the safest, most comfortable place in the world for him. I found a joy in nursing him back to sleep multiple times a night where I would just talk to God with so much gratitude. I relied on the Lord’s strength when I felt like my own was depleted. I rested when I could and found a peace in knowing the rest of my life and household would be orderly again someday.

We experienced getting into a new routine with two kids, spent time with extended family, and even dealt with baby’s first illness which was probably harder on mama than baby. I learned that each day came with a new set of lessons and I was surrendered to it all (something I resisted and learned the hard way with my first baby).

So as I said goodbye to the heavy demand of newborn nursing, figuring out a rhythm with two, and all those sweet sweet newborn cuddles…I turned the page into another chapter that will still demand of me in new ways but bring joy all the while. So long newborn phase, until we meet again :)


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