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Second Pregnancy Update

We are excited to meet the newest addition to our family later this year. Before the baby arrives I’d love to share random insights from this pregnancy or my preparation for any of you readers who are as interested in all things pregnancy, birth, and postpartum as I am.

How are things different with pregnancy number two?

To begin, my mindset around pregnancy and birth changed before we even started planning for this baby. I’ve been learning a lot about what care looked like in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum for generations before us and how things have changed with developments in hospital deliveries. As someone who had an enjoyable first birthing experience, it’s probably odd to read that I’m looking for something different with my second.

This pregnancy I decided to select a midwife instead of an OB. I have the desire to have an unmedicated birth with the least amount of interventions as possible both during labor and after the baby is born. With my first, I selected a highly rated and desired OB in my area and knew I was going to get an epidural. With the change in practitioners I’ve felt more empowered to do my own research and not just expect my practitioner to give me information as I needed it.

My lifestyle also looks different. I traded 40+ hour work weeks at a desk in a corporate office for part-time remote work while raising my toddler full time. This change has made making some afternoon cat naps possible while also staying active.

Speaking of sleep, I am more than halfway through this pregnancy and my sleep has been exceedingly more restful than with my first. I’m not sure exactly what has helped, but in addition to a different lifestyle, I take certain supplements in the evening almost every night which I didn’t do with my first.

Some other quick notes - I partnered with a birthing team that includes a birth and postpartum doula and lactation support, am taking a midwife-led online birthing course, have watched birth videos and vlogs consistently (even before I was pregnant - I just love them), listen to podcasts about birth stories/midwife care/postpartum/evidence based research, I listen to Christian Hypnobirthing tracks at night a few times per week, see a chiropractor and massage therapist regularly, and have sought out multiple resources and places of information to help me form my values around birth.

Honestly after writing all of that, it might sound like I’m a little obsessed or doing “too much”. All of these things I’m doing or learning for this upcoming experience are just part of how I feel most comfortable preparing. I want to walk away from this experience (including postpartum) knowing I had a voice in my outcomes, which is something I wasn’t as empowered to do with my first, or rather, didn’t have the tools and resources for.

Ultimately I know God has a plan for how our little one will make their entrance into this world and if there’s anything that brings me back to peace when the future doesn’t look completely clear, it’s just that. His plan is always greater ❤️. Thanks for reading along...I look forward to sharing more!


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