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6 Months Came and Went

I have a daughter who is almost three and a baby more than halfway to one year. When I try to envision what life was like before our son joined us, everything just seems so very slow. Isn’t it funny how you really don‘t know the pace of your own life unless you experience a dramatic change? I naturally reflect on everything and plan for the future, that’s kinda been my thing ever since I could remember, so it’s no surprise I find now to be an opportunity to look at how life weaved itself together during the first six-ish months of my son’s life.

baby looking away

I wrote about this before, but for me the transition from one to two was much easier than zero to one. We found new routines that are always shifting as the kids’ development continuously changes. The kids play together and it’s a beautiful friendship to watch unfold. I no longer work part-time from home because my plate is currently at its max with the two, and that’s ok. Something I’m at peace with currently is being content with the role I have as wife and mom and nothing more. It’s a peace I didn’t have with my first until much later than six months, and a peace that reminds me of the value these roles have in shaping our future.

taking a walk with my daughter while I push my son in his stroller

Around six months with my first, I experienced some health challenges that propelled me into seeking better habits, so this time around I knew my own health (physical and brain) needed to be prioritized. I haven’t arrived at a place where I feel physically strong yet (something I think is important when you’re chasing two littles all day), but I started to take little steps towards that goal. I am still waking up a few times per night to nurse, so I spend my energy as wisely as possible.

kids playing together

Speaking of waking up a few times per night to nurse - let’s talk about that. With my first, we sleep trained at five months after desperate attempts to have her sleep well at night since she would only take 20 minute cat naps all day. This go around I have no real desire to sleep train my son, but that doesn’t mean I’m not tempted and prayerfully ask God to pleeeease help me during those rough nights. The endurance needed for the first year of a baby who wakes up during the night is intense to say the least, but I know this much is true: babies eventually sleep, and someday that day will come.

Nowadays our little one has teeth and practically leaps himself toward any food nearby. In fact, you really have to keep an eye on him because he WILL steal any food he can get his cute dimpled hands on. Once he was able to sit independently, I introduced solids to him which he absolutely loves. He’s also army crawling all over our house so that’s been entertaining. He’s on the move and it’s a swift reminder that so is time - the most precious gift.

baby eating food

As the title says, six months came and went. This journey has been so fun, so challenging, so rewarding, and a testament to God’s goodness. I’m excited to see how this journey continues to unfold…

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Apr 20, 2022

Always love reading your words, sweet mama ❤️

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