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A Pinch of Goodness: Organizing and Tidying Tips

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

I wanted to start a series of short reads where I share some practical info to encourage, inspire and connect with you! Read along for this first installment where I share some quick tips that have helped me around the home with organizing little kids' clothing and how to quickly tidy a space.

  • Sock Laundry: Each of my kids have their own sock color in our house. My daughter has white and my son has gray. Of course they have those random few pairs that don’t align with the rest, but this one switch made laundry sorting & folding more efficient (and enjoyable).

  • No-Fold Laundry Method: For efficiency (and sanity), we use a no-fold laundry method for the kids. We sort by style (tops, bottoms, pjs, etc) and then lay them flat into those designated drawers. For years I tried to store things so neatly folded and organized (think Marie Kondo style) only to have it get disheveled. This takes off pressure for perfection, and I had no idea this was a “method” until someone else shared it!

  • Quickly Organizing Clothes That Are Too Big or Outgrown: This tip is for kids' clothing but can also be used for adults. I have two bins in the kids' closet labeled “too small” and “next size”. Whenever an item gets outgrown, it goes in the “too small” bin. Once it’s full or I have time, I go through that bin and donate or save the clothes. The “next size” bin is typically items gifted to us or hand-me-downs that I know the kid will fit into soon, but not quite yet.

  • Top to bottom, left to right cleaning: I love to create a clean and organized environment for my family, but easily get overwhelmed when every surface or area of the room gets a little out-of-sorts. I saw a YouTube video once where a professional cleaner (yes, I wanted professional cleaning tips because we don't have a cleaner) said to clean from top to bottom and left to right. This one trick alone gives me enough structure to tackle a space swiftly without feeling overcome by it and I use it DAILY.

I hope these practical tips encourage you today or at least inspire you to find ways to create a more efficient-way of living so you can begin (or continue!) to enjoy the otherwise mundane :)

For more day-to-day inspiration, find me on instagram at @allaroundgoodness_


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