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A Love Note to Nature: Lake Arrowhead March 2023

Some of the most peaceful and awe-inspiring moments of my life have been when I’m surrounded by nature and grounded in its goodness. While I live within a short drive to the beach, it’s the mountains that make me feel small, my God feels big, and my thoughts buzz in at a more manageable pace.

I love the sound of the squirrels jumping and scurrying about. The branches crack with the impact of those tiny feet and the little footsteps dashing by remind me there is still much to be done.

The sound of my own footsteps crunch fresh snow. When else do I hear the impact of each step I take?

I love how I can’t hear the flurrying fall of snow but can see it and stand mesmerized. Even more, how I sleep peacefully all night and wake up to inches of freshly dusted views. Again I’m reminded how a landscape can transform with the seasons, and so can I.

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