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Newport Back Bay

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

If you live near Newport Beach, chances are you've been to Newport Back Bay for a walk or run. This is a place Mason and I would frequently visit when we were still dating for it's fun trails and scenery. It's an estuary that is part of the greater watershed leading to the Pacific Ocean.

I hadn't been to Back Bay since I was pregnant, and on a Saturday when there were no plans on the schedule, we decided to take a walk there. We even took a look around the Peter and Mary Muth Interpretive Center that I'd never been inside of before. It housed some great information about the wildlife in and around the bay along with some interactive play areas for small children. It's completely free to visit and they even host events for schools and the public.

It was fascinating to watch my daughter get amused by all the birds around the bird feeders. I don't think she's ever been around that many birds so it was cute watching her try to follow them with her eyes as they flew around.

Flowers were also something new to her. It's entertaining to watch a child experience something for the first time, even something as simple as touching a flower. It quickly reminded me of how little she has experienced nature in a hands-on way, and makes me want to show her more.

For my birthday this year I wrote about 28 hopes I have for the year to come. After this experience I would like to add one more: spending more time outdoors with my little one!

If you live in or around the area and know of other places we can go as a family to experience nature, please leave me a comment. I would love to learn of more places!

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