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The One Where Chelsea Turns 28

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

27 came with so many new experiences (leaving work, becoming a mom, all kinds of discovery, and more) WHAT A YEAR. Today I turn 28 and thought I would share a little more about who I am through this post with hopes I have for year 29...

I have not thoroughly planned this post so I'm just going to write from my heart and mind with the time I have left while my daughter takes her nap!

This year I hope...

  1. To grow simultaneously in my roles as wife, mom, daughter, and friend

  2. To get out on more dates with just my husband

  3. To experience a new culture in a country I've never been to before

  4. To grow my skills in my hobbies without putting too much pressure on myself to find the time

  5. To do something every day that is beneficial for my physical and mental health

  6. To express myself freely through words without the concern of others' opinions

  7. To fear less

  8. To break a sweat more than I did last year

  9. To learn how to surrender more and control less

  10. To read and study one third of the Bible

  11. To drink more water

  12. To love my daughter and watch her grow

  13. To reflect more (journaling, photos, scrapbooking)

  14. To spend less time scrolling

  15. To be completely debt free

  16. To READ (not just listen to) more books than I did last year

  17. To stretch often

  18. To keep this blog running (ha!)

  19. To spend time visiting with family and friends (our fam lives in other places)

  20. To strengthen my existing relationships

  21. To explore the area of California I live in

  22. To spend many days at the beach with my fam

  23. To open an online shop with things I make

  24. To teach others something I know

  25. To eat more salads (or incorporate more leafy things in general)

  26. To share the Gospel

  27. To make more family videos (and not just have 5,000 10 second videos saved on my phone)

If you made it this far, thank you for reading along! I hope throughout the year I can look at this post for reminders of where I want to go and more importantly, how I want to spend my time.

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