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Quilting Diary: Entry 1 - Pink Gold Mini Quilt

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

In 2019 I decided to start quilting. I'm not exactly sure how it started but I found myself on a DEEP dive on instagram and pinterest looking up modern quilts and quilting techniques.

Something about creating something artistic and practical interested me. The color combos...the quilt all just fascinated me. My first two quilts were bad. Like really really bad. I didn't use any patterns, I was still getting familiar with my sewing machine (it was my mom's backup machine she didn't use), and everything was learned via Youtube, a magazine I picked up at Barns N' Noble, and Instagram.

By the end of the year I made two really bad quilts with horrible binding, a few blocks, and three decent Christmas stockings. It was time to take on a new project: the Pink Gold Mini Quilt.

I got the idea of a mini quilt from a friend who sells quilted baby bibs. Her son had a mini quilt he loved, and I thought it would be cute for my daughter to have something I made her that she may one day cherish.

I decided on doing a patchwork style quilt. I thought it would be fast and simple...what's so difficult about a bunch of squares? SEAMS. Seams is the answer to that question. The amount of lining up and accuracy you have to use to make a patchwork quilt full of squares look decent was way more detailed than I initially planned.

After figuring out that sewing in strips was NOT going to work for me (*cough* and 45 minutes spent seam ripping), I used a block method where I made 4 patch blocks, then used those blocks to create bigger blocks (16 squares) then a bigger one...and so on.

I finished it off with a simple embroidery in the bottom corner, a simple Kona Cotton binding for the trim, and I used a Target Threshold flat sheet for the backing for a super soft feel.

All this to say: I came, I saw, I learned. One thing for certain is since I am learning how to quilt via social media (mainly), youtube, and blogs I find, I am failing a lot...but failing forward. I'm excited to keep trying new projects and am looking forward to dabbling into something a little more traditional for my next quilt project...stay tuned!

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