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Products and Resources I Used During Pregnancy

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

I remember being pregnant and seeing so many versions of blogs, youtube videos, and instagram posts focused on products to use during pregnancy. While this may just be another one of those, my list is concise with just nine products and resources I actually used during that significant time in my life.

PS. if you're still shopping for your little one, these are my top 10 products I used during the first six months of my daughter's life!


1. A birthing course. While most hospitals do birthing courses in person, I wanted something I could watch and review on my own time. I used the Mommy Labor Nurse "Birth It Up" course that focused on natural (unmedicated/low intervention) birth (even though I planned on an epidural). I felt very prepared for my birth by taking this course and when the labor and delivery nurses would ask me about specific things during labor, I felt empowered to answer their questions without hesitation. (NOTE: She now has another course called The Epidural Series that I haven't reviewed)

2. Compression socks. My feet were swollen once I was about halfway through my pregnancy. I was also still working (primarily at a desk) so my feet were not elevated most of the day. In all honestly, I did not enjoy having to wear these socks but they did alleviate my swelling by 10-30% depending on the day.

3. Maternity jeans. I still remember the voices of people telling me, 'Don't waste money on maternity clothing!". Since I worked up until seven days before I gave birth, I still needed acceptable clothing for the office, and I wanted to be comfortable. I ended up buying these Good American maternity jeans and they were easily one of my favorite purchases to date. They fit me for the majority of my pregnancy and I made really good use of them.

4. A guided meditation. Towards the end of my pregnancy I was in a lot of discomfort and this guided meditation helped me relax and even put me to sleep multiple times during those last few days. I honestly think it is one of the reasons I gave birth early, because it helped my mind and body to relax.

5. New undergarments. As my body changed during pregnancy, I began feeling uncomfortable in the bras and underwear I had as everything was fitting a little differently. I liked Motherhood underwear and had two or three wireless Soma bras that I absolutely loved.

6. A journal. I didn't use any special pregnancy journal, but I did buy a dedicated journal to document different moments throughout my pregnancy. It's pretty incredible all that I forgot (mainly the not so fun stuff that comes with being pregnant), but I'm so glad I have it documented because it was such a special time in my life that I love to reminisce on.

7. Yoga ball. I didn't use this until the end of my pregnancy when I was having major hip and nerve pain in the lower half of my body. I ended up using the yoga ball while I was in labor at home before heading to the hospital and I really liked having it. I bought this one on amazon.

8. Prenatal Massage. During my pregnancy I developed a pain in my inner thigh that would shoot up constantly (similar to sciatica but not sciatica), and it would make me catch my breath and stop walking altogether. The only relief I found was from getting a weekly massage towards the end of my pregnancy. I know this is not an option for everyone, but if you have the means and time for it, and can find a professional who has prenatal experience, then definitely look into it!

9. Nighttime wrist brace. I had no idea carpel tunnel was a symptom that some women experience during pregnancy. I remember the first night I had this pain in my wrist that seemed to intensify only at night when I would try to sleep. Luckily, this wrist brace was comfortable enough to sleep with and alleviated most of the pregnancy wrist pain I experienced.

Outside of these items, I also had to buy new shoes because my feet grew like a whole size and I loved how comfortable Allbirds were. I will admit I did try one of those pregnancy pillows to sleep with, but the one I bought was actually uncomfortable (it was too bulky and I didn't like the texture of the material). I ended up just using a pillow behind me to help support me at night and that did the job. I also tried epsom salt baths for my swollen feet - those didn't work for me but I've read they can help others.

I haven't posted much about my pregnancy or birth and have thought about sharing my daughter's birth story. Comment below if that is something you'd enjoy reading or if you have any other pregnancy/motherhood related topics you'd like me to write about!

Let's connect! Find me over on instagram: @allaroundgoodness_


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