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Podcasts I'm Loving Lately: Feb 2023

I'm a podcaster and audiobooker. It's just my preferred way of absorbing information so I thought I'd share some of my recent favorites in case you're in the mood to try listening to something new :)

  • In 2020 I stumbled upon Jess through YouTube, but it wasn't until recently when I started listening to, and enjoying her content. She and her husband Jeremiah are homesteaders in South Carolina and share various insight into their life as homesteaders, business owners, content creators and more. She has a soothing voice and has an affinity for waxing poetic, so it's an easy listen for me and it's fun to follow along as her podcast is quite new.

  • Ellen is another woman I discovered through YouTube initially as I found myself fond of her vegan lifestyle in Hawaii (I was vegan when I found her) and her beautiful approach to content creation. Her podcast is dense with interviews ranging in topics that she says are, "A place to empower you to live to your fullest potential in motherhood, plant-based nutrition, finances, relationships, and more."

  • If you romanticize about ranch life, this one might be for you. It's led by Ed Roberson who interviews various individuals either connected with Ranchlands, a family-owned ranch in the American West, or individuals who share the same values of connection with the land (and more!). It's an easy listen and I've grown my understanding in areas relating to land conservation, ranching realities, regenerative agriculture, and more!

  • At this point I believe most of my network has heard of Andrew Huberman, but in case you're unaware: Andrew is a neuroscientist at Stanford and has a podcast ranging in topics that would interest anyone in bettering even just one area of their physical or mental health. This podcast is not an 'easy' listen for me since the episodes are usually packed full of information, but still enjoyable, keep me interested, and I keep coming back for more.

  • A very niche topic, but as home-based education is a topic of interest, and particularly how others do it, I find the interviews from this podcast highly inspiring, filled with encouragement and practical resources. I have not listened to any of the 'learning latin' episodes and while it appears this podcast concluded in 2021, I find myself plugging back into the episodes to soak up information I may have forgotten. An easy listen!

There's quite a few more I keep in rotation that I'll be sharing soon! In the meantime, if you have a podcast you enjoy relating to: parenting, creativity, business, farming, land ownership, content creation, finances, health, faith, or food, please send them my way in a comment or message me on Instagram :)

Thanks for checking out this post, you can find me on Instagram at



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