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New Year Thoughts 2023

There was something special about 2022. The year brought on transformation in so many areas of my life with new challenges, new realities, and new experiences. I am happy at where I ended the year and for once, in a long time, I feel as though the foundation 2022 gave me is like the wind I needed to continue growing and learning in 2023.

In 2022 I learned about dividing my energy even more with raising two kids at home and all the newness that comes with a 3-year-old's growing interests. I also learned about bringing that energy back in at night once the kids were asleep with my own quiet time or time to connect with my husband. Prayer was big and sometimes my prayers themselves were bigger. I navigated some of the same health issues I so badly wanted to leave behind in 2021, but dealt with them with a different faith in healing and grace than ever before. I also found God in so many places where He challenged me, sat with me, held my hand, and showed me love beyond measure.

There were long seasons of waiting, exhaustion and unknowing too. While at times discouraging, those were the same exact challenges that gave me opportunities to change my perspective on: HOW I waited when things felt stagnant, HOW I showed up on days with little-to-no sleep (thanks little guy), and HOW I leaned into faith and goodness when skeptical feelings arose.

Some notable 2022 things in no exact order: I turned 30 (woo!), we laid to rest a grandmother we miss often, E started new hobbies she loves like dance and regularly training jiu jitsu, I finally learned how to make a good sourdough loaf, our house flooded giving us the opportunity to live with family for 2 weeks during summer, we moved houses, my son Z has yet to sleep through the night(!), He also turned one and learned how to crawl, walk and talk, Mason took up woodworking as a hobby, I fell in love with lattes, I managed to take two kids to Disneyland on my own about 12-15 times (first year as key holders), I successfully propogated an abundance of succulents, I started an Etsy shop where I sell handmade things, thrifting became a new hobby of mine, we spent our Thanksgiving together just us four in a cute cabin, I managed to get 3 flat tires and the car was hit twice and broke down once all in the middle of/near intersections (prayers up for a better car year), Mason and I grew even more aligned on future ideas and plans we can't wait to see unfold.

Wishing you and yours all the abundance in 2023. Let's do it <3

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