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Garden Updates 2024

Hello! It's been awhile since I last posted here but wanted to share some updates on all things gardening.

I ended 2023 so excited and hopeful for 2024 and it has been SO fun gardening this year with all the knowledge I gained from 2023. I've had so much more success this season and that just goes to show how all my mistakes were opportunities to learn and grow my confidence in gardening.

Knowing what I know from last year, this year I wanted to focus heavier on annual flowers and less on vegetables. As much as I'd LOVE to harvest more homegrown fruits and veggies, the space I have is just not as conducive due to lack of direct sun. I still have a few unique items I'm excited to be growing, like the golden hour tomatoes from Wild Boar Farms, and some lemon cucumbers, but for the most part I'll be focused more on my herbs and fresh cut flowers.

I'll end with a few photos from the last half of 2023 and the beginning of this year. What are you most excited about gardening this year?

If you're looking for more regular updates, I share almost daily on my instagram: @allaroundgoodness_


red tomatoes on the vine

a garden bed with plants

containers full of young green plants

holding a small bud vase with homegrown flowers

fiesta pink shade of nasturtium flowers

plant starts all lined up on a table

seedlings sprouted in a container

a snap pea flower and vine in the air with a cloudy backdrop

a single zinnia flower that is salmon colored


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