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Easy Clean Beauty Routine

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Let's start by saying I am by no means a makeup artist, but I do enjoy makeup! That being said, for the past two years I have used the same routine for my makeup and it literally includes FIVE easy-to-use products.

Switching to Natural Makeup Alternatives

Around two years ago I switched all of my makeup to clean beauty products once I discovered the benefits of choosing non-toxic makeup that benefited my skin and the environment. This switch allowed me to give up my obsession with having the latest trendy products and in turn saved me a lot of money. I'll be honest, I didn't really think twice about what I was putting on my skin before I made this switch. With so many brands touting the 'clean beauty' phrase, it was easy for me to just think every brand was using good ingredients. That's not the case.

Since the US has some unimpressive guidelines on the ingredients cosmetic companies cannot put in their products (11 total), there are many brands still using things like parabens, pthalates, formaldehyde and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, and carbon black in their cosmetics. In addition, there are often synthetic fragrances and dyes along with animal products or byproducts included in formulas. By doing some easy googling, you can quickly find out why these are ingredients you don't want to use near your eyes, mouth, or applied to your skin every day.

Alright, so let's lighten things up here by saying makeup should be fun! It shouldn't be something you dread wearing or is too difficult to use. In my opinion, makeup can accentuate all the unique qualities someone has and should never be used to conceal your authentic beauty.

If you are looking for a 'no-makeup makeup look' that has some vibrancy to it, this routine I'm about to share is definitely it. Even when I worked in cosmetics full-time, I was wearing these products pretty much every day because they gave me a fresh-faced look while also keeping it professional.

I posted this video on my instagram and while I did speed up the makeup application to fit within the one minute timeframe, the whole process took me 4 minutes and 45 seconds. Yes, really!

Step 1: CC Cream "Pollution Defense CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30" (I use shade Light)

Step 2: Brow Pencil "Shape It Up Brow Pencil" (I use shade Dark)

Step 3: Blush (I use shade Dusty Rose)

Step 4: Mascara "Speak Volumes Mascara"

Step 5: Lip Gloss "Glossed Over Lip Gloss" (I use shade Hazel)

Easy Everyday Makeup Routine

The products are simple: a CC Cream with SPF 30, brow pencil, blush, mascara, and lip gloss. Below I provided more information about these products, but if you're already thinking it's too much money to revamp your routine, know that all five products can be purchased for $100 (plus tax and shipping). I know $100 is a splurge for some, and if that's the case, my recommendation would be to gradually upgrade your products as your makeup phases out.

The most important item to me is having a good cc cream or foundation that I can feel comfortable wearing every day if I needed. My ideal face product is something that has enough coverage to even out my skin-tone yet lightweight enough where I forget I'm wearing it. It also needs to have SPF since even the smallest bit of sun exposure gives me sunspots these days and also helps prevent skin damage.

I use a brow pencil as opposed to tinted brow cream since I have some sparse spaces in my natural brow line that I like to fill in a little. Having a really good blush is also a must. I love this blush in the "Dusty Rose" shade and use it on my cheeks first, then dust whatever is remaining on the brush over my eyelids and nose to give my face some more life.

Lastly, I finish it off with a gloss and mascara. Did you know mascaras are some of the 'dirtiest' makeup products sold today? I didn't know this until I began working in cosmetics and it was one of the first items I swapped. I remember the first time I wore this mascara, two of my best friends literally asked me that day what mascara I was using. It's definitely a makeup item I cannot imagine myself ever using another brand for - it's that good.

To wrap this up, I would love to encourage anyone interested in cleaner non-toxic makeup to just do some quick research and find out what's important for you. As information unfolds about the toxins we have ever-present in our daily lives (makeup, skincare, household cleaners, environmental factors, etc..), one quick and easy way to have more control over our exposure is by consciously choosing products that are good for us.

Let's connect! Find me on instagram @chelseamonsevais

If you're interested in these products or the five product set, you can register as a Preferred Client to receive 20-40% off of your Arbonne purchases for 12 months! Psst....*That also allows you to get the Ready in Five kit for just $100. Update as of September 2020: While I am no longer an Arbonne consultant for career-related reasons, I am 100% behind these products and continue to use them every day!


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