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10 Products To Add To Your Baby Registry

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

When I was about to become a first-time mom, I reached out to a few people around me to find out what I needed for our little one. My family and friends planned baby showers for me so I created a registry based on my friends' suggestions and ones I found online.

While most of the obvious items were taken care of, there were a few things I didn't know I needed (ok, wanted) on the list. People say a baby really doesn’t need much, and it’s SO true, but let’s just say some items may make things a little easier...for the parents :)

I’ll keep this short and simple with suggestions below and why I love the item. Other than the baby wrap, I used these items every single day for the first six months in some capacity.

I would love for this post to help others find things they may find useful for their little ones. If you have any other favorites please do me a favor and leave a comment below with your recommendation(s)!


Reason I love it: Cara's programs empowered me as a first-time mom with fact-based education to help care for my baby and provide the best conditions for optimizing sleep. I found myself revisiting videos to rewatch her tips and always found a new nugget of info. I purchased all three courses and it was worth every penny. This is a pricier item, but if there is a way you can get this gifted to you - I highly recommend requesting it.

Price: Newborn Course (videos + booklet) $74 , 3-4 Month eBook $34, "The ABCs of Sleep" 5-24 Month (videos + booklet + consultation options available) starts at $179

Reason I love it: Super soft, thicker than regular ‘baby towels’ and large enough to cover up your baby/small child in. These are not traditional baby towels in the U.S. but many other countries use them. I love love love these.

Price: $21 pack of 2

BOPPY (ok, a lot of people have this on their registry but it has more uses than to help with nursing!)

Reason I love it: Even though I didn’t end up nursing my daughter for that long, I ended up using it to help with bottle feeding. It gives your arms a break once baby’s head starts feeling like a bowling ball and can also help prop them up after eating to help with digestion. We still use this product multiple times per day half a year later...

Price: $49.99


Reason I love it: Our daughter slept in this swaddle every night until she was 20 weeks! She started escaping her blanket swaddle week two, so we switched to a velcro type and love this brand the most for the snug fit. It is breathable, has a little stretch, and the bottom zipper is so good for night changes when you don’t want your baby to fully wake up :P. NOTE: You may need to buy the smaller one first (this one does not come with bottom zipper I believe)

Price: $34.99


Reason I love it: Keeps baby’s arms up in a natural sleeping position. Great for babies who hate swaddling but wake up to their startle reflex. I used these for naps (because our daughter would fight the other swaddle during daytime) and loved how fast and easy it was to get on/off as well as the double zip feature.

Price: $29.95

Reason I love it: Enjoy less changing pad cover washes if you place this on top first! Also great for travel. They are machine washable so when those blowouts happen (and they will), just wipe off and throw it in the wash! So so so great for those newborn days when diaper changes can get messy.

Price: $8.09 (for a pack of 3)

Reason I love it: Most babies don’t need a lot of washing those first couple of weeks, so this is a great cleansing water you can add to a washcloth and wipe your baby down with. I love to use this on our daughter in the morning to freshen her up. I have also only had to rebuy this once - it lasts awhile!

Price: $14.50


Reason I love it: There is nothing as comforting as a newborn snuggled up against you. There is also nothing as difficult as a cranky baby who needs their final nap of the day while you have things to do. Enter...the baby wrap! NOTE: Watch videos of people using the wrap you choose and practice practice practice. I didn't love mine at first, but once I got the hang of it, I wished I used it more often from the get-go! In hindsight I also wish I purchased one that was a lighter material for the summer.

Price varies! Recommended baby wrap brands: Solly Baby Wrap, WildBird (sling style - different than wrap), Boba Wrap

Reason I love it: Creates an environment that is ‘similar to the womb’ for a baby to help them sleep. This one in particular has a fan inside of it that spins to make the noise, so it doesn’t have a weird fake sound like some others on the market. It also plugs into the wall, has a few different settings for volume and provides continuous sound while on. BONUS: Turn this on those first few days when people or your spouse take the baby into another room so you can try and get some sleep (it will help drown out the noise outside your room)!

Price: $49.99

Reason I love it: Ok, maybe this is something you decide to buy yourself and not put on the registry but let me tell you...blackout curtains change lives! We found them especially helpful for reducing early morning wakings and creating a great nap environment during the day. We bought these cheap blackout shades on Amazon that are still hanging in our room behind our blinds months after our daughter has left it because they help us parents sleep too :)

Price: $30 for six pack of shades

If you are an expecting mom don't hesitate to reach out about any of the products mentioned (or not mentioned), feel free to comment and I'll get back to you asap.

Hope these help!,


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